Real Medicine

12/21/13  AM,   Goa,  India

From this talk:  “With your new identity you cannot have any negativity. This and compassion are the same. No negative emotion can survive in the dimension of compassion.”

Topics covered include: Real medicine, the new dimension, the difference between ego and monkey mind, the right tool for meditation, and overcoming negativity.

After the Retreat

12/9/13  Deer Park, Himachal Pradesh,  India

From this talk:  “Little by little you enter into the dimension of the Blue Sky. Then, standing in the Blue Sky, you finally can deal with the white clouds. Your thought, your emotion. Everything.”

Topics covered include: Thinking addiction, dysfunctional relationships, clouds of anxiety and attraction, and the view from the Blue Sky.

Walking Meditation
Walking Meditation

The Blue Sky

12/7/13  Deer Park, Himachal Pradesh,  India

From this talk:  “ We have clouds, but at the same time our essence is Blue Sky. So when can we enter the Blue Sky? Any time we realize it.”

Topics covered include: Real happiness, the secret of mindfulness, the essential point of observation, Blue Sky and the world of clouds, and Engaged Buddhism.

Note: Questions from the Q&A at the end may be difficult to hear, but the content is clear from the answers.

Himalayas, Deer Park Center, UP
Himalayas, Deer Park Center, UP

Who Meditates?

9/3/13  Henson-so, Mungyeong, Korea – Day 3

English / Korean

From this talk: “Unless you understand this change of identity, meditation doesn’t work.”

The final Dharma talk from the 2013 Korea retreat.

Topics covered include: the most difficult point in meditation, the role of trust in practice, the ego’s tricks, and the world of Blue Sky and clouds.


9/2/13  Henson-so, Mungyeong, Korea – Day 3

English / Korean

From this talk: “During the retreat, we really concentrate on touching Silence. Then after the retreat, you go back to your daily situation. Then how to keep a connection with the Silence is your job.”

Topics covered include: Endless thinking, walking meditation, zen metaphor, and touching the silent world.