True Meaning of Mindfulness

December 7th, 2018, Pune, India Day 3 (the last day) of 2018 Zen and Mindfulness Retreat in Vajuradhatu In this final Dharma talk, Ven Yamashita once again lays out what mindfulness truly means. Mindfulness, an impossible undertaking to our ordinary mind, and yet the Lord Buddha tasked us to do, is the bridge for usContinue reading “True Meaning of Mindfulness”

Middle Way in a New Light

December 6th, 2018, Pune, India This is the 2nd Dharma Talk given at the 2018 Mindfulness and Zen retreat at Vajradhatu, Pune, India. “The Buddha’s path is your path. Buddhism is about you, and every single one of us. So it is quite important that we understand the Prince Siddhartha’s story as our own”. ByContinue reading “Middle Way in a New Light”

Why subtle body meditation?

December 5th, 2018, Pune, India This is the introductory Dharma Talk given on the 1st day of 2018 Mindfulness and Zen retreat at Vajradhatu, Pune, India. In this talk, Ven. Yamashita explains the reason why we need subtle body meditation, which is the first part of the One Dharma Method. Subtle body meditation is anContinue reading “Why subtle body meditation?”

Young Global Leaders Meditation Workshop

9/14/14  Hounen-in, Kyoto, Japan With Ven. Issho Fujita An introductory talk on meditation given to the Young Global Leaders Forum, a project of the World Economic Forum. YGL is “a community of exceptional young leaders who share a commitment to shaping the global future.” Ven. Issho Fujita speaks for the first 25 minutes (the veryContinue reading “Young Global Leaders Meditation Workshop”

Why Compassion?

12/28/13  PM,   New Delhi,  India From this talk:  “Once you start your own meditation, you find your mind does not work as you think.” Topics covered include: Mindfulness and problems in meditation, subject and object, the untrainable monkey mind, the fundamental misunderstanding, and the role of compassion in meditation

Anxiety and the Blue Sky

12/28/13  New Delhi,  India From this talk:  “If your mind created this anxiety, your mind can also stop this anxiety.” Topics covered include: Yamashita-sensei’s background and connection with Deer Park (Himachal Pradesh, India), an explanation of Blue Sky (Clear Sky) Meditation, the meaning of Dharma, and the cause of anxiety and how to handle it.

Real Medicine

12/21/13  AM,   Goa,  India From this talk:  “With your new identity you cannot have any negativity. This and compassion are the same. No negative emotion can survive in the dimension of compassion.” Topics covered include: Real medicine, the new dimension, the difference between ego and monkey mind, the right tool for meditation, and overcomingContinue reading “Real Medicine”